Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Fruit Set October 2011

19 October spring has been cold so far.

Here are some photos of the fruit set on the cherries this season.

Empress Cherries

Lapin cherries

Merchant cherry

Early Burlat

Sweet Georgia

Solar Nugget Apricots already thinned

Young peaches and Nectarines planted in Winter

Around the barn where we pack and sell fruit to the public
Come on in!

Ornamental flowering cherries at the barn

Hard to know when we will start, waning moon at present cool-cold nights. Here we go again into the unknown

Friday, 23 September 2011

Spring Blossom

Good pollination weather over the last week.
Mild mornings warm days no rain, cherry trees are flowering nicely.

Empress cherries are at petal fall to shuck fall, with other varieties in full bloom to almost in full bloom. Time will tell what our fruit set is like, but looks promising.

Bees must be our best workers all year.

In the Garden