Saturday, 31 August 2013

Father's Day Sunday 1st of September 2013

The newest addition to our family, our new Grandson Dax River Savins.

Jenny and I holding Dax
Some Empress blossom behind us.

From left, our eldest son Doug with his wife Kristy, MaMa Fay, Jenny holding Dax, Tahlia, John and Mark all home for Father's Day


Proud Grandparents and Great Grandparent.

Close-up of some Empress blossom


Looking up two Empress rows.

Some Ivory Duchess peaches at petal fall shuck fall


Rose Bright Nectarines at petal fall

Apricots at petal fall, shuck fall

Orange Red apricots on the right in blossom
Solar Mate on the left.

Close-up of Orange Red apricot blossom

Diamond Pearl Nectarine blossom

 Begonia in the greenhouse

Kalanchoe in the greenhouse

Althirium in the greenhouse 

Succulent Easter Bonnet

 Jenny in the vege garden

There's an open look at what is going on in the orchard at the moment with the trees. You see a lot of different seasons in farming over the years. Time will tell what this one will bring. Best wishes to all.


Friday, 16 August 2013

A week in August 2013

First photos of some stone fruit blossom.
Apricots below

Nectarine blossom


Spring Satin Plumcots
We picked our first few of these off young trees last season.
They had an outstanding flavour and were delicious and juicy to eat.



An overview of where these young trees are planted.


Pruning some cherries at the moment.
Sweet Georgia to the left and Lapin to the right of the photo.

Two rows of Lapin. Left row unpruned right row pruned.

Another row of Lapin looking back at Bluff Rock.
This is my work environment. Not too shabby on a good day.

Close up of a young Sandra Rose cherry tree.

Creek above, Dam below water ready for spring.

I took these photos while shopping with my wife in our local supermarket.
American nectarines and cherries.


There's an open look at what has been going on in the orchard this month.
The seasons seem to roll around quicker all the time.
Best wishes to all.