Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Harvest Photos Cherry Dale November 25 2015

These photos were taken today and over last weekend the 21st and 22nd of November.

Our Grandson, Dax, experiencing the harvest.

Rosie Rainier

From the tree, to Mark, to the fruit barn, to you.

Bellise in the morning sun.

Santina today

 The boys enjoyed picking them.

Royal Hazel and Royal Lynn taken on the 16th of November.

 Our son John holding a small amount of Royal Lynn and Royal Hazel off these young trees.

Nice firm, dense flesh for early cherries, which were delicious.

 Customers in the fruit barn on a sunny weekend.

 The nursery has been popular this year.

 Love the Smoke Bush in our climate.

 Early morning sun on the poppies.

These were good days for us in the harvest, who knows what tomorrow will bring.
Best wishes to all.

Thursday, 12 November 2015

A day in the cherry harvest

November 12/11/15           
I took these photos this morning at the commencement of work. Eight days into the harvest, the weather has been cold, showery and stormy in the first week, minimal damage at this stage. Have picked Empress and Burlat and started some nice Merchant today.

 Niti, in his second harvest with two of our sons John and Mark.
 Some cherry lugs in for packing at the barn from the orchard to you.

Big Pete

 Some Merchant cherries on the trees

 Cherries being packed for customers through the stall.

Nahm and Cane

 In our nursery today
Plenty of seats, why not bring a picnic lunch and stroll through the orchard. 


You can view the plants we offer, growing in our garden.

Rosy Rainier (White Cherries)

 Royal Hazel above, Royal Lynn below
Only handfuls on these young trees at this stage, timing seems to be with Merchant again this season.

 Bellise first nice crop on these 5 yr old trees, just starting to colour.

Royal Rainier above, Rainier below, just starting to colour.  

 Royal Dawn below, just starting to colour.

 Lapin below
All going well they should be ready by December.

 Sweet Georgia, our last variety, still very green.

 A Merchant 2kg box, a beautiful gift pack.

Just love the red poppies.

These photos were taken around the orchard today, the harvest can be a wrestle for a man and we try to take it a day at a time.
Best wishes to all.